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Moonstones are thought to be a sacred stone that embodies the moon and is said to shine the paths at night and offer protection for safe travels.It is also known to be a stone that protects women. Holding a moonstone is believed to activate the circulation of the endocrine system, heal the mind and body, and enhance sensitivity.
The Moon Stone Spa offers high-quality herbal therapy through mainly aromatherapy treatment using 100% natural essential oils.
A therapist from the Moon Stone Spa will pay a visit to your room, so you can thoroughly enjoy a wholehearted treatment.

Facial Treatments
1. Goddess of the Moon

This luxurious treatment course provides relaxing the body and anti-aging care.
High-performance cosmetics improve skin quality , add to, leads skin to healthy glossy and brighter

Dry healing, back and shoulders, cleansing, soft peel, Hydro pack, décolleté and detoxing lymphatic massage, anti-aging pack, hand spa, head spa, skin conditioning
2. Moonstone Detox Facial

Dry healing treatment releases the tension of the body. After the body is relaxed, we will perform a highly detoxifying facial treatment.The treatment has healing and anti-aging effects, relieves dullness, and restores the skin.

Dry healing, deep cleansing, amino acid face pack, décolleté and detoxing lymphatic massage, carbonic acid face pack, head spa, skin conditioning
3. Carbonic acid Facial

Carbonic pack promotes blood circulation and enhances skin nutritional circulation.

Deep cleansing, décolleté, facial massage, amino acid face pack, skin conditioning
4.Glossy skin Facial

This course is facial treatment with high quality massage cream.
<< Pregnant woman available >>

Cleansing, massage with cream, pack, skin conditioning

For pregnant women

This course is for only golden period pregnant women (only available 40min. course).
To change body treatment course is available (price is same ).

Body Treatments
5. Relax Day

Classic Aroma treatment to relax Body and Mind from any stresses.

Back / Waist / Shoulder / Neck / Legs
*treatment parts are selectable.
6. Relax Aroma Therapy Day

Treatment the whole body, from sole to head. Heals tiredness and promotes blood circulation.

Back / Waist / Shoulder / Neck / Legs / Arms / Décolleté / Head
№17. Relax body and Face

Popular course, Aroma body treatment with face massage.

Back / Waist / Shoulder / Neck / Legs / Décolleté / Face
8. Jogen no Tsuki (first quarter moon)

This course is recommended to a guest who want two treatment, Aromatherapy facial and Aroma body treatment.

Aromatherapy facial & Relax body treatment.
9. Kagen no Tsuki (Waning moon)

This course makes you satisfied by full body treatment with head massage and oil facial.

Detoxing full body / Head massage / Oil facial

Regarding book Spa for two people on same time

・Require advanced booking till the day before (90min. or more booking available).
・Two people on same time treatment is at Spa room at Tennomaru.

For Guests Using the Moon Stone Spa

About Appointments and Service Hours

Same-day appointments: Weekdays
Service hours are from 4:00 PM to final appointment at 9:00 PM (Last program will begin at 9:30 PM)
Same-day appointments: Saturdays, Sundays, Special days
Service hours are from 3:00 PM to final appointment at 9:00 PM (Last program will begin at 9:30 PM)
Daytime appointments
Service hours are from 2:00 PM, but appointments must be made at least one day in advance.

At Kaze no Tani no Iori, a therapist will pay a visit to your room.
We will set up a bed in your room to perform the treatment. The position and location of the bed will depend on the room.
If you prefer to receive treatment in the spa room in the main building, please let us know at the time of booking.

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