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Spend quality time healing your body and soul

We offer three therapeutic services to heal your everyday fatigue.
Set your ordinary life aside and indulge in a special moment.

Items for Restful Sleep

All rooms are equipped with airweave mattresses and pillows.
To provide you with a good night’s rest so you can wake up feeling refreshed in the morning at Kaze no Tani no Iori, we have prepared several items for good sleep under the supervision of the sleep therapist, Miho Mihashi.

Moon Stone Spa

The Moon Stone Spa offers high-quality herbal therapy through mainly aromatherapy treatments using 100% natural essential oils.A therapist will pay a visit to your room, so you can enjoy a wholehearted treatment.

Bedrock Bath and Private Jacuzzi

From ancient times, people have experienced the power of lying down on warm stones to heal illnesses.Yakuho-gyokuseki (a type of healing stone) stones have the longest history known for their healing powers.By lying down on the bedrock of Yakuho-gyokuseki, your body will begin to perspire from its core. Toxins will be released with the sweat from your body, which is effective for maintaining beauty and health. Enjoy a relaxing time in this healing atmosphere.

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