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Kaze no Tani no Iori

Kaze no Tani no Iori

A comfortable atmosphere enveloped in serenity.
Immerse in the history and the warmth of nature.

About Our Inn

Detached guest rooms nestled quietly in the mountains.
Enjoy a peaceful comfort in a harmony of nature and people,
and delight in the cuisines that please your five senses to your heart’s content.


Enjoy a stay as your heart desires in the four types of rooms that are lavishly furnished with fine taste and vibrant hues.


Savor the seasonal fare in the comfort of your room.

Mikawa and Owari are provinces known for their delicious cuisines.
Our menu incorporates seasonal ingredients produced from the abounding wealth of the sea and fertile land.


Be healed by nature with the hot spring in the guest room

Let your skin feel the warmth of the hot spring and the breath of nature as it reveals the various seasonal expressions.
Please enjoy the tranquility of life to your heart’s and body’s content.
To Guests Planning a Stay with Us