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Enjoy seasonal ingredients with your five senses

We offer cuisines that abundantly incorporates the seasonal ingredients produced from the abounding wealth of the sea and fertile land.
We prepare all of the dishes by hand and use ingredients that represent the seasons.
Enjoy tempura as we fry them in front of you. This unique dining experience is only available at Kaze no Tani no Iori, to be enjoyed with not only your palate but also your five senses in the comfort of your room.


Choose from Japanese-style or Western-style breakfast.

Gastronomy Package – Bimi Kaishin

Food coordinator
Kaori Goto presents

Gastronomy and Anti-Aging

This special menu is carefully prepared with a focus on anti-aging and health.
This gastronomy package is highly popular among women.

Bimi Kaishin Sample Menu

  • [Aperitif]Gamagori mikan (mandarin) wine spritzer
  • [Sakizuke (Appetizers)]Asparagus tofu drizzled with sweet vinegared miso, asparagus, small prawn
  • [Appetizers]Snap peas, plantain lily leaves wrapped in tofu skin dressed in creamy sesame seed sauce
  • [Otsukuri (Sashimi)]Japanese lobster, sea bream and avocado roll drizzled with black vinegar jelly, tuna, greater amberjack
  • [Mushimono (Steamed Dish)]Conger eel steamed with Domyoji flour mochi served with bamboo shoot sauce
  • [Aburamono (Fried Dish)]Tempura (Japanese tiger prawn wrapped in shiso (Japanese basil) leaf, greeneye wrapped in perilla leaf, young fern,
    trough shell, squash wrapped in nori)
  • [Sunomono (Vinegared Dish)]Japanese egg cockle and shallots with egg yolk vinaigrette served in kiwi cup
  • [Ainomono (Cured Seafood Dish)]Simmered Japanese lobster
  • [Shiizakana (Side Dish)]Mikawa beef shabu shabu
  • [Gohan (Rice Dish)]Rice cooked with asari clams harvested from Mikawa Bay
  • [Tomewan (Soup)]Deepsea smelt dumplings prepared with hatcho miso
  • [Mizugashi (Dessert)]Lemon jelly with blueberry sauce
Menu Curated Specifically for Anti-Aging
Bounties of the Land and Tastes of the Region
Fresh fish hauled from the sea that stretches from Gamagori. And all the vegetables. These ingredients will work to enhance the vitality of your cells.
Mikawa is a region that is also advanced in brewing. The well-crafted tastes of the condiments achieved by the special brewing methods further enhance the vibrancy of the ingredients.
Culinary Art of Food Pairing
We apply culinary methods to more effectively combine the inherent nutrient qualities of the raw materials.
Delicious foods lead to good health and beauty. Each exquisite dish will heal you with every bite.
Delight in the Colors of the Vibrant Ingredients
The vibrant colors of raw ingredients, like vegetables and fruits, are derived from phytochemicals, the natural power of the vegetables.
The pleasing colors will lead you to a healthier tomorrow.
Food coordinator
Kaori Goto
Representative of food office TABLIER Co., Ltd.
Widely active as a food coordinator, nutritionist, vegetable sommelier, restaurant consultant, and also participates in menu development and product development for food companies.
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