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Spend a luxurious time to your heart’s content.

At Kaze no Tani no Iori, we have 10 guest rooms of four different types available.
Situated in the forest encompassed by abounding nature is a hideaway for adults. Spend a luxurious time appreciating the slow passage of time.
Choose your room type to match your preferred style of accommodation.


This room is designed with a Japanese-style room and dining area.Guests can dine at the dining table, so it is popular among the elderly.This room is the only type without beds, so everyone can sleep together by laying out futon beds in the Japanese-style room.Popular among guests who want to prioritize undisturbed sleep.
*There is one room that is completely smoke-free. (Akane)

Irori, Traditional sunken hearth

This is the most spacious and popular room type as there are three rooms: Japanese-style room, sunken hearth irori room, and bedroom.
The room is spacious and has a sunken kotatsu in the sunken hearth, so anyone can relax here.
*There is one non-smoking room. (Asagi)


This is the only room type with two stories.On the first floor is the Japanese-style room, and the bedroom is on the second floor. This is popular among guests who prefer separate rooms.

Home Theater

This room type is equipped with a Blu-Ray player, projector, and screen in the bedroom.There is no difference in the floor levels throughout the room. Guests can enjoy a favorite film in a special atmosphere.

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