Villas with a private open-air hot spring

  • Asagi (sunken hearth-type villa)
  • Ruri (sunken hearth-type villa)
  • Seppaku (dining table-type villa)
  • Yamabuki (duplex suite)

Our hot springs are 100% natural Gamagori hot spas, thick in texture with health benefits.
Claim the soothing soaking experience yours with the gentle breeze and ever-changing epic views.
Our private hot springs are deep in the woods with privacy so you can soak in whenever you want to. Warm your body and soul from the inside with the natural colors and fragrances.
Indulge here in Gamagori with the natural skin-lightening hot spring.


The private hot springs in all villas are 100% natural “skin-lightening” Gamagori hot springs.

Hot spring name) Skin-lightening hot spring (type II)
(*) Hot tub water is not hot spring water

“Skin-lightening” Gamagori hot springs.

Hot spring name Skin-lightening hot spring (type II)
Hot spring content Pure weak-radioactive hot spring (slightly alkaline, low temperature, and low water tension)
Hot spring color Transparent
Health benefits Easing neuralgia, muscle pain, arthritis, stiff shoulders, motor paralysis, joint pain, bruises, sprains, chronic digestive diseases, hemorrhoids, poor blood circulation, recovery, fatigue, and enhancing health
General contraindications Acute conditions (especially if you have a high temperature), severe tuberculosis, malignant tumors, severe heart disease, respiratory diseases, kidney issues, bleeding disorders, severe anemia, other severe conditions, and pregnancy (especially in the early and final stages)
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  • [客室付き]バルコニー(テラス)

    [Villa facility]
    Balcony (terrace)

    Kick back in true relaxation at your private balcony (terrace)
    Sooth your body, soul, and spirit in your private open-air hot spring/ bath.
    Remember to have a peaceful moment here after soaking.
    Be embraced by the magnificent nature, experience the woods and starry sky you can find nowhere.

  • [客室付き]シャワーブース

    [Villa facility]
    Shower booth (* Shower water is not hot spring water)

    All villas come with a private open-air hot spring and a shower booth, ideal for seniors and guests with physical disabilities.
    The separate areas also help you navigate your vacation with another group. Try out the real, true indulgence here.

  • [スイートメゾネット宿泊者専用]バレルサウナ

    [Exclusive to duplex suite guests]
    Barrel outdoor sauna

    Relax at your private barrel outdoor sauna (with electric heaters) deep in the woods and magnificent nature. Let a cool bath take your wellness experience and the sauna functions to new heights. Find your inner peace in absolute privacy with no one disturbing you.

    • [スイートメゾネット宿泊者専用]バレルサウナ
    • [スイートメゾネット宿泊者専用]バレルサウナ
    • [スイートメゾネット宿泊者専用]バレルサウナ
    See duplex suite details
[綺羅-綺羅]休憩棟 貸切岩盤浴・貸切ジャグジー

The wellness block
Private rock bathing and hot tub

Kick back in ultimate peace and reset your body, soul, and spirit at “Sara-Sara” (private rock bathing) and “Fuku-Fuku” (private hot tub) in our Wellness block, a separate private area. Sweat to detox in the rock bathing then soak in a gorgeous hot tub to relieve stress- it’s beyond relaxation with clear differences when compared with a bath.
(*) By reservation only.

  • [紗羅-紗羅]貸切岩盤浴

    Private rock bathing

    Distinct, incredibly calming, and soothing bodywork with natural hot power stones bringing therapeutic effects as you can detox through plenty of sweat from the inner side of your body. Lying tranquilly on a glistening warm rock has been a therapy since ancient times. It uses the power of waves in space to awaken our original human power.


    Smooth medicinal gemstone is one of the natural power stones with the longest history. It’s rich in minerals to emit infrared rays to enhance metabolic function, oxygen circulation, and the innate interferon-like effect in the human body. By lying on a bed made with medicinal gemstones, you will sweat from the inner side and detox through a large amount of sweat. It enhances aesthetics and beauty.

  • [福-福]貸切ジャグジー

    Private hot tub (* Shower water is not hot spring water)

    Redefined luxury.
    Luxuriate in a private hot tub,
    Calm your mind and draw in the tranquillity of your surroundings.
    Leave the cares of the world behind as you enjoy the massage.
    Enjoy the combination of rock bathing and hot tub.


Facility name “Kira-Kira” (wellness block),
“Sara-Sara” (private rock bathing),
“Fuku-Fuku” (private hot tub)
Session duration 90 minutes
Usage fee JPY 6,600 (tax included)
(*) Max. 2 guests per session
(*) The usage fee includes exclusive rental wear, rental sheet sets, rental bath towels, face towels, and one bottle of mineral water.


Please take a moment to read these prohibitions

(*) After vigorous physical activities and alcohol consumption or when you are too full/ too hungry
(*) Entering the facilities without wearing the exclusive wear/ pregnant/ ladies during their period
(*) Guests with general contraindications, heart diseases, or high blood pressure

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